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How does it work?

  • Planificación


    Pick auditing period.

  • El auditor


    Select proper personnel acording to required audit profiles.

  • Optimizador de rutas

    Route optimization

    Select auditor’s starting, intermediate and final points.

  • Optimice costes

    Cost reduction

    Choose audits in map, either by car or walking.

  • La auditoría

    On streaming audit

    Real-time data from your auditor’s activity.

  • El resultado

    The result

    Visualize all info in the dashboard.

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  • Audit localization in the map

    AudBrand plans optimally all audit localizations through its Virtual Route Planner. Select audit points and the system will automatically calculate under time and cost-saving criteria.

    AudBrand allows to reduce superfluous costs minimizing budgetary deviations.

  • Auditors in Route

    Audbrand geotags auditor’s position in the map and shows them the most efficient way to arrive to destination, whether if they drive or walk.

    Auditor receives a listing of points he must complete in the best proper order in order to have a good control and supervision of the fieldwork.

    Audbrand‘s dashboard shows real-time data being collected.

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AudBrand has wide-ranging experience in corporate consultancy to SME and large companies

  • Mistery Shopper

    Customer Shopping

    Mistery Calling

    Process analysis

    Commercial route analysis

    Sales network construction

    Brand launching

  • BTL Monitoring

    ICT resource optimization

    KPI´s strategic forms

    Loss Ratio analysis

    ARPU analysis

    Lapse Rate analysis

    Product / Portfolio performance

  • Sales Growth

    Demographics Sales

    Sales managers analysis

    Sales channel analysis


    Ambient marketing practices

    Sensitive marketing

Benefits for your business

  • En tiempo real

    Real time

    Keep your marketing and information systems alive.

  • Automatización


    Reducing tabular costs and data process.

  • Transparencia


    Field staff performance control.

  • Rapidéz


    Launching fieldwork in a matter of minutes.

  • Experiencia de cliente

    Client experience

    Improve their experience by anticipating to the changes.

  • Costes


    Scaling the product from the bottom of its need.

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